Diving zones


The best spots for diving on Gran Canaria


Beach „El Cabron“

Coastal zone of the district of Agüimes

In the rugged coastal area of AGÜIMES municipe, right next to "Playa del Cabron" beach, is one of the best points of Gran Canaria diving. This place is situated in such a rich area that was stated to be the future marine reserve of ARINAGA.

This is a very attractive immersion for diving enthusiasts. At about 12 meters deep, the rocky platform falls straight to 23 meters which is called the barrier "del cabron", ahead of this barrier there is a sandy area where mullets are thousands and snorers hustle an ideal place to live wich is called "zone of snorers el cabron".

Underpinning all the barrier there are many caves and crevices that harbor several species such as the giant grouper, mere, the thorny monkfish, giant black rays and sharks angel. The last two are being nomnated in UNESCO to be one of the most important sanctuary for these species. No doubt the greatest show can be found half water where they can be seen flocks of barracudas and the famous trumpet fish..

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