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Did you ever ask yourself “What do you feel when you’re breathing under water?”….. Discover Scuba Diving, The Diving baptism allows you to experience the diving.You will learn the basic knowledge necessary to dive under the direct supervision of a professional.

One of the things that you will feel is that its really easy to breath under water.

Explore the underwater world

In the Diving Baptism you will learn how to use the equipment under shallow waters and you will receive a quick and easy introduction of everything that you need to explore the under water world. For you to enjoy the diving experience, the most importante thing to have in mind is Safety but do not worry with that ,we will take care of it for you.

You will be ensured by an international ensurance company and also you will always be accompanied by an experienced diving instructor/monitor that will help you in everything.So you just have to enjoy this amazing and unforgettable experience in our beautiful under water sea world.

When Can I Start?

If you dont have any major health problem and you have the thirst for adventure, dont wait any longer. Even if you dont know how to swim dont worry you still can do it.We are proud to announce, at the moment, we are the only diving center in the Island with private swiming pool. The monitor will teach you how to use the equipment and for the first time you will breath under water. .

The dream will become reality….only 100 meters from our center we can find a natural swimng pool with a 4 meters max depth with thousands of colorfull fish, where you will have you diving baptism acompagnied by a monitor. You will feed the fish in their natural habitat, and you will be a fish for one day!

Fun and emotionits what awaits you! For more detailed information contact us via : email, Telephone or WhatsApp

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(20 +45 Minutes dive into the sea including pickup)

Price 65.00 €

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